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[Galeria do Café Majestic - Porto - Novembro 2016]

[Galeria Majestic-2015]

"Contemporary Identities/Invisible Gestures"
showcases the cultural diversity of Iberoamerica through the art of photography. The exhibition, featuring work from artists from 18 countries of Latin America, Portugal and Spain, centers on the relationship between identity and the self in a digital world.

This project is presented in collaboration with the Iberoamerican Cultural Attachés Association (AACIA) and is part of Fotoweek DC.

Participating Embassies:
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Participating Artists:
Alexis Mandujano, Ana Adarve, Ana de Orbegoso, Carlos Cánovas, César Quijada, Esteban García, Fernando Carrera, Ilana Liechtenstein, José Rui Moreira Correia, José Luís Neto, Luis Chay, Mary Rosa Jiménez, Muriel Hasbun, Raúl Canibaño, Ricardo Migliorisi, Ricardo Rivera, Roberto Fernández Ibáñez, Roxana Nagygeller, Susana Carrié, Yamina del Real.

[Jardim Botânico do Porto-2014]

“Contemporary Identities: Invisible Gestures”
Around the world, people’s understanding of their identities has been shaped by the essential role of today’s development of technology. We have constructed a cyberculture in which communication technologies become extensions of the body, giving them the potential to modify essential aspects of our sociability and the relationship to ourselves. The exhibition, “Contemporary Identities: Invisible Gestures”, reflects and defines Iberoamerican nations within a global context, addressing the concern for the scattering of identities through virtual reality. Creating a common and relevant expression of our times, the exhibition demonstrates the awareness of Iberoamerican cultures.
The photographs are interpretative and dynamic. They demonstrate the search of intimacy, independence, and identity of the individual in contrast to the pluralization within cyberculture. The exhibition invites for an analysis on the production of identities constructed as part of cyberspace, and thus demonstrates the challenge of remaining true to oneself with the use of technology. Through the lens of Iberoamerican artists, the photographs present a contemporary concern reflective of all visitors: the need for introspection.
Empowering visitors to critically look from their own vantage point, the exhibition guides them to interpret the meaning of the photographs through the context of language. The accompanying text will be composed of descriptions of the exhibiting works and of relevant literary pieces from Iberoamerican writers and poets. Representing a dialogue between tradition and today, the exhibition portrays the intersection of traditional literature and contemporary photography. Iberoamerican artists have always played a social role as guides, teachers and consciences of their countries, their task being either the comprehension of contemporary problems or the expression of the interests and concerns of man.
The exhibition, “Contemporary Identities: Invisible Gestures,” is, in conclusion, an artistic reflection on a modern concern. It attempts to awaken a unified yet personal awareness of the repercussions of technology on the individual. On the one hand, it presents identities that are constructed from fear of anonymity within cyberspace, confused between being constantly exposed virtually, while being physically isolated. Yet at the same time, these contemporary works retain a kind of faith in the ability of a photographic portrait to capture aspects of the subjective experience and search for self understanding. As we are part of a virtual world, we must remember the value of the diversity found in the people of our countries. The uniqueness of each Iberoamerican nation inspires the exhibition to reflect the importance of the individual’s search for the intimate and personal roots of our identities.
(Text of Curation/Texto da Curadoria)  (photos / fotos)

[Foto de capa_José Rui Correia-2012]

[Participação e foto de capa_José Rui Correia]


[...Galeria de Autores, pág. 54]

imagem: Menção Honrosa no Concurso
"Desenhar com Luz-Encontro de fotografia no Alentejo"
organizado por: A Contemporâneus, associação para a promoção
da arte contemporânea, a 1000 imagens
e a Direcção Regional da Cultura do Alentejo.